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New Acquisitions – 2016

Presenting fresh, new acquisitions to the Gallery always is exciting. Mabel Alvarez's iconic lithograph Nudes Above the Sea is a rare find, and derives from the Estate of the Artist. The couple is seen provocatively sans clothing looking out at the Santa Monica Bay. This is a very pleasing and engaging image created in the early 1930s.

We have handled a large number of works by Karoly Fulop, but our newest acquisition, a ceramic sculpture entitled The Woodchopper, is one of the artists larger and most impressive ceramic sculptures created in his idiosyncratic style. The lyrical figures combined with the beautiful glazing makes for an extremely engaging, dramatic presentation.

Worthy of note are two oil paintings by Robert Kennicott, a physician by trade and also an accomplished and exhibited painter. He was a close friend and confidant of Mabel Alvarez. In Lady in Red, one can see the direct influence of a mid-career Mabel Alvarez. Kennicott was Chief of Staff at the Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles. It was there that he established a connection with the black community. The people in his ca. 1939 masterwork, Levitation, are said to have been members of a choir from a black Baptist church in Los Angeles.

Buckley MacGurrin’s Magnificat Anima Mea Dominum from 1940 is an homage to the Art Deco aesthetic, with its geometric, clean lines and its bright and colorful palette.

The 1938 diptych by Jerre Murry, consisting of Allegory No. 1 and Allegory No. 2, is comparable to the best in early Renaissance art. Completed on wood panels, each painting is jewel-like in its precision and use of color. At least one of the paintings was exhibited at the Stendahl Galleries and has that gallery’s label verso. Jerre H. Murry’s Sun Image, created in 1936, could easily be entitled “Homage to Gauguin” with its tropical theme and brilliant colors.

We are especially pleased to present two watercolors by Bernard Zakheim, whose Estate we represent. A Night in Mexico and A Scene in Mexico, both from 1930, are reminiscences of the Artist’s early travels in Mexico where he worked with Diego Rivera.

Our new acquisitions rotate through the Gallery’s ongoing exhibition California Modernism 1910 – 1950, in which we feature some of the best in California and American Modernism. We hope you will enjoy our current selections.



Mabel Alvarez

New Acquisitions – 2016

Karoly Fulop

Robert Kennicott

Buckley MacGurrin

Jerre H. Murry

Nina Saemundsson

Bernard Zakheim