April 4, 2014 - Ongoing


The artists featured in this exhibition include:

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New Acquisitions – Spring 2014New Acquisitions – Spring and Summer 2014

We are pleased to present our new acquisitions for Spring and Summer 2014 in conjunction with our ongoing exhibition California Modernism 1910 – 1950. These artworks are exceptional for their diversity and historical importance.

Our new acquisitions include a magnificent rendering of a lighthouse surrounded by an iridescent sky by Ferdinand Burgdorff, a stunning 1938 abstract by Helen Clark Oldfield, an early and rare self-portrait by Otis Oldfield, a sensitive and beautiful sculpture by Nina Saemundsson, and an amazing, large mythological and surrealist painting by Frede Vidar from 1939 that was exhibited at the San Francisco Museum of Art. We also are pleased to present a rare work by Irving Norman entitled City Rush, an indictment of the inhumane conditions of the worker in 1941 San Francisco. This artwork has been included in numerous museum exhibitions.

You will find works in our ongoing exhibition by Victor Arnautoff, Ferdinand Burgdorff, Ralph Chessé, Adam Dabrowski, Francis de Erdely, Pele de Lappe, Boris Deutsch, Robert Gilbert, NIls Gren, Adaline Kent, Jeffrey Kirby, Knud Merrild, John Mottram, Irving Norman, Helen Clark Oldfield, Otis Oldfield, Abraham Palansky, Stan Poray, Edna Reindel, Nina Saemundsson, Benjamin Vaganov, Frede Vidar, Bernard Zakheim, and many others.



Ferdinand Burgdorff

New Acquisitions – Spring and Summer 2014

Adam Dabrowski

Robert Gilbert

Jeffrey Kirby


John Mottram


Irving Norman

Helen Clark Oldfield

Otis Oldfield

Abraham Palansky

Nina Saemundsson

Benjamin Vaganov

Frede Vidar

April 5, 2014 - Ongoing



Victor Arnautoff – Works on Paper, 1929 – 1955

In our Back Room Gallery we are pleased to present Victor Arnautoff – Works on Paper, 1929 – 1955. The exhibition features drawings in charcoal and ink, watercolors and very rare lithographs.

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April 5, 2014 - Ongoing

The artworks featured in this exhibition include:

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Special Exhibition: The Sculptures of Emil Janel

We also are featuring a special collection of Emil Janel sculptures. These carvings were created by the artist in the 1930s, 1940s and early 1950s, and each carving depicts a good-natured character. They are not to be missed!


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The Artist

Special Exhibition: The Sculptures of Emil Janel

Bearded Man on Crutches

Bust of Bearded Man

Bust of Praying Man


Kneeling Man Praying

Man Reading

Man With Arms Folded

Man with Backpack and Cane

Man with Guitar


Man With Hat and Cane


Seated Man Listening


Seated Man Reading


Seated Man With Cup and Jug


Sleeping Man


Two Men Seated on a Bench


Woman With Bag and Cane