February 9, 2013 - Ongoing


The artists featured in this exhibition include:

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California Modernism 1910 – 1950

In 2013 we celebrate our tenth anniversary. This is a testament to the enduring majesty of the artwork created in California during the Modern period, i.e. 1910 - 1950. We are grateful to our clients and all others who have supported us in various ways throughout the years. The legacy of the art of the Modern period in California lives on through Spencer Jon Helfen Fine Arts where a collector can find unique and historically significant paintings, sculpture and works on paper that all speak to the story of California and its fine arts.

In California Modernism 1910 – 1950, we feature some of the best in California Modernism, including works by Victor Arnautoff, Margaret Bruton, Ralph Chessé, Nils Gren, Jose Moya del Pino, Knud Merrild, Helen Clark Oldfield, Otis Oldfield, Marion Randall Parsons, Nina Saemundsson, Rex Slinkard, Wilna Splivalo, Maurice Sterne, Henry Sugimoto, Lucretia Van Horn, Bernard Zakheim, and many others.

We hope you will enjoy these and other works in our exhibition. The exhibition as a whole includes oil paintings, watercolors, mixed-media works, sculpture, drawings and prints.


Victor Arnautoff

California Modernism 1910-1950

Frederick I. Kann

Jose Moya del Pino

Helen Clark Oldfield

Otis Oldfield


Marion Randall Parsons

Nina Saemundsson

Elise Seeds

Wilna Splivalo

Maurice Sterne

Henry Sugimoto



October 2011

The artworks featured in this exhibition include:

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Back Room Gallery | Jeffrey Kirby - New Work

In an ongoing feature of our Gallery we again exhibit new work by contemporary artist Jeffrey Kirby. Kirby once again demonstrates his own fresh vision coupled with his inspiration derived from the Regionalist painters of the 1930s like Thomas Hart Benton, John Steuart Curry, Grant Wood, and Jeffrey’s own favorite, Alexandre Hogue.


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Dusk, Toward the Mountains

Back Room Gallery Show

Outside of San Luis Obispo

Sonoma #2