Summer and Fall, 2010


The artists featured in this exhibition include:


New Acquisitons 2010

We are pleased to present a very diverse group of new acquisitions – as diverse as the artists who created them. Works on paper are a featured aspect of this exhibition, from Dorr Bothwell's iconic 1947 lithograph City Summer to Ray Boynton's 1930s pastel and charcoal depicitions of his travels to Mexico, to Helen Clark Oldfield's stunning 1925 ink rendering of Bernard Maybeck's Palace of Fine Arts.

Oils and sculpture also are featured in our exhibiton, including contemporary artist Jeffrey Kirby's superb Narcissus, Koichi Nomiyama's 1931 brilliant Modernist landscape Untitled (Beach Cove and Boats), and the circa 1935 contemplative terra cotta sculpture Woman With Squirrel by Nina Saemundsson, an important artist of Icelandic descent.

Finally, in this exhibition we take our first foray into European art with the very engaging paintings by Fernande Barrey. A member of the well known group of artists living and working in Paris’s Montparnasse, Barrey was influenced by and later married Leonard Tsuguharu Foujita, a Japanese expatriate whose Modernist artworks are world renowned. Barrey has a colorful history of her own, including having been the subject of a portrait by Amedeo Modigliani.

We hope you enjoy and are inspired by these new artwork selections.

Fernande Barrey

New Acquisitions 2010

Karl Baumann

Dorr Bothwell

Raymond Boynton

Edward Bright Bruce


John Emmett Gerrity

Emil Janel

Jeffrey Kirby

Koichi Nomiyama

Helen Clark Oldfield

Nina Saemundsson








OngoingGallery Selections of Important California Modernist Paintings and Sculpture

Our ongoing exhibition includes a large selection of artworks created during the 1930s and 1940s by artists who were employed by the WPA and related Federal art programs. These programs, which were promoted by the Roosevelt Administration and adopted by Congress, were important both for the assistance they gave to artists as well as for the creation of artworks that to this day beautify many of our public buildings. Some of the WPA artists whose artworks are included in this exhibition are Victor Arnautoff, Otis Oldfield, Edna Reindel, Claire Van Scoy, Stanton Macdonald Wright and Bernard Zakheim.

We also are featuring some of the Gallery’s favorite artworks by California’s foremost Modernists. Works by the following artists, among others, also are included: Francis de Erdely, Karoly Fulop, Robert Gilbert, Nils Gren, Emil Janel, Jean Kellogg, Robert Kennicott, Helen Clark Oldfield, Jacques Schnier, Lucretia Van Horn, Edouard Vysekal, and others.

The exhibition includes oil paintings, watercolors, mixed-media works, sculpture, drawings and prints.