June 27, 2009 - December 12, 20009


The artists featured in this exhibition include:

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New Acquisitions and  Summer Selections of Gallery Favorites

We are pleased to introduce our latest acquisitions. Both Chester Beach and Albert Stewart are famous American sculptors. Many are unaware of their California connections. The medals we introduce by these sculptors are prime examples of their prowess and ease in sculpting images with meaning and pathos. Alexander Cañedo created a tour de force in his circa 1945 Artist’s Models, which rises to the level of the great surrealists, especially Giorgio de Chirico, both in its highly precise rendering and its latent message. Pele de Lappe’s 1935 Portrait of B.E., Erle Loran’s 1938 Dock View and Lucretia Van Horn’s 1949 Flowers in a Blue Vase are some of the new and exciting works on paper included in this exhibition. Elmer Plummer’s circa 1950 Cartoon Studio Painter, depicting a cartoonist at the Walt Disney Studios, constitutes a great portrait and a Disney collectible

Victor Arnautoff

New Acquisitions and  Summer Selections of Gallery Favorites

Chester Beach

Alexander Cañedo

Pele de Lappe

Erle Loran


Elmer Plummer

Albert Stewart

Lucretia Van Horn







June 27, 2009 - December 12, 2009  

The artworks featured in this exhibition include:

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Back Room Gallery | Jeffrey Kirby - The New Work

Jeffrey Kirby's unique style and compositions are well exemplified in our newest selections from the Artist's studio. With a reach back to American Regionalism of the 1930s, Jeffrey's paintings are vibrant, exciting and utterly pleasing.


Afternoon Shadows

Back Room Gallery Show

Grazing #2

Planting New Vines

Two Decanters With Fruit




OngoingGallery Selections of Important California Modernist Paintings and Sculpture

Our ongoing exhibition includes a large selection of artworks created during the 1930s and 1940s by artists who were employed by the WPA and related Federal art programs. These programs, which were promoted by the Roosevelt Administration and adopted by Congress, were important both for the assistance they gave to artists as well as for the creation of artworks that to this day beautify many of our public buildings. Some of the WPA artists whose artworks are included in this exhibition are Victor Arnautoff, Otis Oldfield, Edna Reindel, Claire Van Scoy, Stanton Macdonald Wright and Bernard Zakheim.

We also are featuring some of the Gallery’s favorite artworks by California’s foremost Modernists. Works by the following artists, among others, also are included: Francis de Erdely, Karoly Fulop, Robert Gilbert, Nils Gren, Emil Janel, Jean Kellogg, Robert Kennicott, Helen Clark Oldfield, Jacques Schnier, Lucretia Van Horn, Edouard Vysekal, and others.

The exhibition includes oil paintings, watercolors, mixed-media works, sculpture, drawings and prints.