September 30, 2003 - January 10, 2004


The artists featured in this exhibition include:

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Trends in Northern California Modernism

Trends in Northern California Modernism is an unprecedented survey of Modernist themes and styles implemented by artists active in the 1930s in Northern California. Northern California was the home of one of American Modernism’s most talented and diverse groups of artists. Many of the artists served as muralists on federally sponsored art projects championed by the Roosevelt administration under the New Deal. Whether Art Deco, Regionalist, Social Realist, or WPA-inspired, the paintings and sculpture created by artists living and working in Northern California during the 1930s reflected our state’s diversity and progressiveness.

Our second exhibition features fine paintings in oil, tempera, watercolor and graphite, as well as sculptures in wood and ceramic.


Victor Arnautoff

Richard Ayer

Raymond Bertrand

Raymond Boynton

Brents Carlton

Ralph Chessé

Rinaldo Cuneo

Harold Mallette Dean

Oscar Galgiani

Edith Hamlin

William Hesthal

John Langley Howard

John Mottram

Helen Clark Oldfield

Otis Oldfield

Jacques Schnier

Henrietta Shore

Ralph Stackpole


Claibourne Randolph Tatum


Frede Vidar


Bernard Zakheim




June 28, 2003 - September 27, 2003


Artists included in this exhibition are:

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Trends in Southern California Modernism

Presenting 16 artists whose works helped to define a regional California style and who exemplify the best in California and American Modernism.

In our opening exhibition, Spencer Jon Helfen Fine Arts presents the works of 16 artists who lived and worked in Southern California — offering a survey of Modernist themes, styles and techniques as expressed by these important Southern California Modernists. Encompassing Surrealism and Magic Realism, Precisionism, Social Realism and WPA-inspired works, the exhibition also highlights the work of the founders of Post-Surrealism and a key proponent of the demountable sculpture.

On view are a variety of works, including fine oil paintings, works on paper, and sculptures in wood, marble and ceramic.

A fully illustrated catalog of the exhibition is available.


Edward Biberman

Boris Deutsch

Ross Dickinson

Lorser Feitelson

Karoly Fulop

Peter Krasnow

Boris Lovet-Lorski

Helen Lundeberg

Fletcher Martin

Alfredo Ramos Martinez

Warren Newcombe

Ruth Powers Ortlieb

Stanislaus Poray

Edna Reindel

Sueo Serisawa

Benjamin Vaganov